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Emotions: Revealing Our Value Systems

Darren Twa Books

The second of the three religious books I have available at is Emotions: Revealing Our Value Systems.


Emotions reveal our values

Emotions: Revealing Our Value Systems is a practical look at emotions from the perspective of heart values. Buy it on

Many people are driven by their emotions, making life decisions without carefully examining the deeper spiritual issues behind them. By understanding the three aspects of value system that produce our desires, we can improve our relationships and make decisions based on true spirituality.

In this book, special attention is given to:

  • the connection between emotions and values
  • how to communicate your deepest desires
  • love, loneliness, and jealousy
  • sadness and happiness
  • anger and disgust
  • fear and hope
  • shame and regret
  • boredom and apathy
  • pride and envy

Discover your values

Emotions powerfully affect our lives. We feel them especially deeply during the relational turning points of our lives: marriage, the birth of a child, a death. They are present with our greatest joys and sorrows.

Our relationships can be improved by discovering the proper use of emotions and by using our emotions to understand our desires and values. Better relationships begin with permanent change flowing from a loving heart. Once we understand our own values, we can communicate our deepest desires and understand those of the ones we love.

Learn the purpose of emotions along with explanations of what produces our most common emotional experiences, both positive and negative. Gain help for your personal, spiritual, and relational growth.

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